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The Original’s Menthol flavoured vape e-liquids are a major part of our business. We have developed menthol flavours to suit everyone. New vape users seem to enjoy vaping a menthol e-liquid more than a fruity flavour.

Our Menthol flavoured vape e-liquids are the perfect choice; ideal for anyone looking to take the first steps to becoming an ex-smoker.

Vaping can assist smokers give up, but not everyone likes fruity or tobacco flavour which is why our menthol flavours are so popular with first time vapers.

Our e-liquids are made to suit everyone, for example, if like a subtle smooth menthol taste try our Menthol but if you like a stronger menthol taste then our Double Menthol is for you.

We have also developed a spearmint and peppermint menthol which we have called Alaskan Ice and Ice Mint respectively.  We also have flavoured menthols like Black Ice which is a burst of berry plus menthol and our best selling Cherry Menthol which combined our finest cherry flavour with a heady menthol hit.

All of our menthol flavoured e liquids are available in a choice of strengths. Whether a heavy smoker needing 18mg, or a light smoker using 3mg. We also have 0mg for those ex-smokers who still have a craving for the taste but not the nicotine.

Due to the nature of vaping you can become numb to the taste of a flavour if you regularly use the same one, and we strongly recommend having a menthol of some sort handy for those occasions, just to reset your taste buds.

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