Brexit – How will it affect our EU customers?

UPDATE: How will Brexit affect our customers

Put very simply – It won’t affect you AT ALL

We are in a very unique position being based in Northern Ireland as we are able to continue to supply customers in the Republic of Ireland without any Customs Duty implications, we can continue to supply customers in Great Britain again with no financial implications and as for the rest of Europe – of course we can continue to supply you guys too – we’ve already put many orders into France and have been advised by those particular customers that there were no issues at all.

So, keep ordering as normal!

Original post:

We have, understandably, received a few queries regarding Brexit and how it will affect our online customers in the EU post-1 Jan 2021.

At this moment in time nothing has been announced or decided at Government level, which leaves us in a state of limbo; as a result, our recommendation is really simple – order pre-31 December so that we can get your orders shipped out as quickly as we can.

Obviously concerns are that delivery charges will rise, due to the imposing of tariffs and import duty – wherever possible we will of course try to soak up as much of any additional cost as we can, but ultimately it has to be paid by someone.

Rest assured, as soon as we know what is happening we will pass on that information to you directly, initially by our newsletter and then on this page.