About Apache Vape

Apache Vape is the culmination of 7 years in the industry.  Key staff were instrumental in establishing one of the first e-liquid businesses in Ireland, which then developed into possibly the largest single manufacturing factory of e-liquid in the country, through to its present status as the number one TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) registered manufacturer, registered for the manufacture and production of its ranges of premium and volume e-liquids to the UK and Europe, Apache Vape has a heritage which is hard to match let alone beat.

Blending and Flavours

Our Chief Blender was responsible for developing some of the iconic tobacco flavours in Ireland, recognised as some of the very best of its type, including Sapphire, London Blend, Chelsea Classic, Blackfire and Rollin Blend to name but a few, all designed to mimic recognised cigarette brand flavours; and we have recently reinvented these flavours and are producing them for the marketplace once again through our Peace Pipe Range, purely to meet the demands of our customers and stockists.  We are constantly working on new flavours and ranges, taking inspiration from flavour trends and requests from customers and our flavour panellists.

Our Staff

We have an exceptionally talented workforce who are dedicated to the processes and procedures required to maintain our high standards in the manufacturing cycle, through to sales and distribution, with the sole aim of providing an outstanding customer experience to guarantee complete satisfaction – don’t just take our word for it though read some of the testimonials we receive daily.  Our manufacturing processing, from delivery of materials to final product, including in house emissions testing, GMS testing, external batch testing ensures our products are not only fully compliant with all TPD regulations but also manufactured to the very highest standards.  We currently produce approximately 40000 bottles of e-liquid per day, every flavour and strength we produce is registered with TPD and have their own unique TPD Code – just remember, if it doesn’t have a TPD Code it’s not legal.

Business Development

Within our Business Development team we have helped set up a number of shops throughout the UK and Ireland assisting and guiding them to standalone status within 6 months of opening. In addition to supplying a range of wholesale suppliers and white labelling for some very prominent well-known manufacturers.  We have also financed and set up all the major brands and chain stores in Ireland, from Cork and Waterford to Limerick through to Dublin; in Northern Ireland our footprint is in all the top companies.  Do you want to be the next big company?  You could be with our help.

Apache Vape is fast becoming a household name in the UK and Ireland for quality dripping juices from its Warrior Range; flavours such as Sitting Bull which was named Best Fruit Flavour at the 2016 Ukraine Vape Fest, War Dance which has been used by many vape users as the basis for the #wardancechallenge it’s such a powerful vape and Red Cloud a luxurious apple pie vape; iconic names and iconic flavour profiles.  Not to forget its exceptionally flavoursome Tribal Range of juices which include such flavours as Pear Drops, renowned for being as close to the old-school sweet as ever been tasted, and White Magic, some say it’s a Hisenberg-esque flavour, we disagree, and so do our customers – they all say its better.  If you are looking for something different though, try our Escobar range, in particular F*** Walter, Pablo’s take on a classic!

So, whether you are a consumer, retailer or wholesaler we have the solution for you; online retail sales, online wholesale sales for our stockists and unique wholesale opportunities.  Do you already sell flavours such as Sapphire, Chelsea Classic, Platinum, London Blend, Rollin Blend or Blackfire?  Contact us direct for the best and most competitive price direct from the original manufacturer.

In addition, we have ongoing franchise opportunities for individuals (with little or no outlay) throughout Ireland initially, and we are looking for sales staff to accompany our current retail expansion.  If you think you have what it takes, or have a retail outlet location in mind and want to strike out into the vaping business please get in touch.

Apache Vape – take the next step, and join our tribe, you won’t be disappointed.

We started everybody in this game, and now its your chance to start your own company.